“On studying development as an evolutionary process of catch-up with illustrations from the WASH sectors”. February 17th, 2016, Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru.

FIN Members participated actively in this UNU-MERIT external workshop event. First, Prof. Ramani explained the conceptual frameworks of catch-theories and how they could be used as tools for research, strategy making and policy design. The key ideas of the lecture included: role of science, systems, systems of innovation, micro vs macro, role of complexity, inductive vs. deductive approach, usefulness of game representations, role of models, evolutionary economics as a lens to understand the world, economic development, complexity of the WASH sectors. Then Dev Saha explained the sanitation system technologies; Sangeeta Venkatesh, Anu Govind and Chloe Sorel presented their results on the WASH strategies of schools. This was followed by a discourse on the catch-up paths of villages towards ‘Nirmal’ status by Shankhajit Sen, and finally the session was by Rushva Parihar explaining why it should matter for firms to play smart in WASH interventions.