Pathways to SDG6: Macro to Micro Perspectives, 19th November 2016- World Toilet Day Conference, Venue: India Habitat Centre, Tamarind Hall, New Delhi

This was an UNU-MERIT external event that was co-organized with FIN Trust. The conference accomplished its objectives most successfully.

To honour the Change Makers of Indian Villages identified through the Project “Incentivising rural sanitation through sustainability audits” funded and catalyzed by NCSTC, a division of DST, Govt. of India.
To contribute to a much better understanding of the pathways to Sustainable Development Goal 6 or SDG6 and the role of policies.
Identify the shortcomings of the Indian NSI vis-à-vis SDG6 and propose solution outlines to try out.

A unique features of the conference was the nature of the audience. There were diverse stakeholders, all working towards the same goal of SDG6. This allowed for focused dialogue that included different perspectives. 130 people registered to attend the conference. One of the attendees pointed out that there was great learning, because different actors in the system were able to hear each other out and understand the other’s perspective, as everyone was working towards the same goal.

Honouring the Change Makers: The Vimal Kshetra Winners
During the course of its research work in 2016, the FIN India team identified some remarkable individuals who are visionary change makers. To honour them FIN has created the ‘Vimal Kshetra award’. The first set of these visionaries were awarded the Vimal Kshetra award for 2016 at our World Toilet conference. The award was given by the UN young leader for SDG6 Samuel Malinga. The winners were as follows:
The winners were as follows:
• Himanshu Patel, Panchayat Head of Punsari Village, Punsari, Gujarat. (photo above)

• Anil Raj Rai, Head of Swachh Bharat Mission, Sikkim.

• N K Perumal, Rural Development Organization, RDO Trust, Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

• Mohammed Ataulla Khan and Allirani, Principal and Teacher of K.K. English School, Bangalore, Karnataka