An Edu-Training Programme in cooperation with Firms

How does the Programme work?

  • Companies interested in having students work on a project, which can contribute to sustainable development,  contact us at
  • The Company and FIN decide on the broad outlines of the programme and its deliverables of value for the company.
  • Then the students are selected.
  • It can be a mix of Indian and international students.
  • Students go through a 5-month programme under the tutelage of Prof. Dr. Shyama V. Ramani and the FIN team.
  • During the 1st month, students learn about the context of the problem and the company.
  •  During the 2nd month, FIN, students and Company ideate together to design the details of the project comprising desk research, field research and/or an intervention.
  • Students implement the project during the 3rd and 4th months.
  • A report (and sometimes, a student dissertation) is produced during the 5th month.
  • Students are thus trained in a variety of skills  including an understanding of the sustainability challenge concerned, scientific and professional writing and personal development.
  • The Company gets work, research documents, blogs, social media outputs of value produced by the students.
  • The Community also benefits from the sustainability project.

Testimonial from one of our 2020 Partners

“The complexity of our work for the Government of Madhya Pradesh to attain the Swachh Bharat Mission Goals (Clean India Programme) cannot be understood unless one is in the field.

Nevertheless, it was very useful to get regular feedback from an outsider’s perspective from the FIN student interns. This helped to improve our data collection and data organisation protocols for activity reporting. Our visibility beyond the local community was also enhanced through participating in their international online conference on World Toilet Day. All in all mutual learning was excellent.”

– Amit Mishra, Founder-Director, Fusion Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.