Centre for Circular Economy Events

The Centre for Circular Economy is the Teaching, Training and Research activities hub of Friend In Need India Trust. The Centre comprises students, academics and professionals engaged in research projects, teaching programmes (internships) and knowledge sharing events (National and International Workshops, Webinars).

The Centre organizes and hosts workshops to bring together key stakeholders and change makers and provides opportunities for interaction with them. These workshops also incorporate site visits as an important component in order to provide first hand experience to the challenges in the field. More recently, under the corona virus siege, the Centre started a webinar series which has proved to be highly successful.

Our Junior Manager Abhishek Pathak led an engaging session at our Digital Skilling Center at the 1st floor of Laxmi
Abhishek Pathak has taken FIN to Jharkhand - where he has opened the FIN Centre for Digital Skilling. This was
  It's not easy to have a meet and greet session with all interns when some are in California, USA,
The National Institute of Technology Puducherry (NITPY) at Karaikal strives to contribute to India’s growth and prosperity by producing highly
  FIN hosted an online and offline event on 22nd March 2023 on urban flooding in collaboration with the United
World Water Day Webiz – March 22, 2023 Time 12.30 Hrs CET and 5.00 PM IST Urban Sustainability: How can
    On Friday, November 18 – a day before the actual World Toilet Day on November 19 – FIN
We have 31 NITs or National Institutes of Technology in India. NIT Karaikal is one among them. It is situated
India generates 62 million tonnes of waste each year. About 43 million tonnes (70%) are collected, of which about 12
See FIN Webinar   Since 2015, around 500 million low-cost toilets have been diffused around the world, but still about

Previous workshops:

  • Webinar on addressing the challenges of Waste Management for World Environment Day 2020 organised by FIN Trust with participants from Ghana, India and The Netherlands.
  • Workshops held in 5 countries for World Toilet Day (2019) under FIN coordination
  • Pathways to SDG6: Macro to Micro Perspectives – on World Toilet Day, 19 November 2016, sponsored by UNU-MERIT and NCSTC (Government of India).
  • Four workshops for WASTE (Netherlands) on Sanitation in India (New Delhi, 2013; New Delhi, 2012; Ooty, 2010; Chennai, 2009)
  • Sanitation in the Millennium Development Goals, Tiruchirapalli, 2007, sponsored by INRA, France