Our education mission is to train all societal stakeholders – students, professionals and citizens – to become sustainability champions in their own organisations and communities applying scientific and ethical methods,  through internships, training programmes, workshops and events.

Our education programmes for students are designed to help youth build Sustainability Competencies that go beyond mastery of theoretical knowledge to their application to solve real world problems. By fostering a deeper understanding of complexity, existing challenges, public policy, solution design approaches, communication skills, empathy and leadership – students enhance their value for future employment and success in academic programs. This is FIN’s contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goal 4- Quality Education for University Students

Our focus areas are water, waste management, sanitation, hygiene behaviour, community engagement, well-being and climate change for sustainable communities.

FIN contributes to the attainment of the UNESCO 2030 vision of Education of Sustainable Development (ESD) via capacity building of youth, citizens, educators, practitioners and policy makers.