Register for internship

We prefer to have the demand for internships come from an academic institution rather than individuals. So if you are interested to intern with us, we encourage you to first talk to the Placement division or Career Centre of your institution. 

At any rate, you are most welcome to drop us an email with the type of internship you want to pursue (see the different types), the time period when you are available and your CV. Email us at 

FIN Trust Interns Selection Procedure

Round 1- Organization Fit – In the first round we will evaluate your profile according to your CV and answers to our questions , and select profiles that match with our organization’s goals and objectives.

Round 2- Personality Assessment– In this round, we would like to know more about your personality, and also evaluate your ability according to your interests. You will be asked to fill a common form that will assist us in gauging your aptitude, and you will also be asked to wrote a short personal essay so that we get to know more about you and your interests.

Round 3- Personal Interview (whatsapp or zoom) – In the final round, you will have an online interview with the founder of Friend in Need India, Dr. Shyama Ramani and core team members. They will assess your fit and ability for the type of internship chosen.

We will get back you. Please note that as we are a small public charity, we cannot pay for first time internships. However, we will provide you training to enhance your professional skills and employability. Finally, we will make every effort to co-design the internship to ensure a good fit with your professional and/or lifetime goals. Thank you for your interest!