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Abhishek Pathak has taken FIN to Jharkhand - where he has opened the FIN Centre for Digital Skilling. This was
Hello everyone, I am Anurag, a new member in the FIN group. I live in the capital city of India,
As we dream and work towards improving the lives of girls and women at Kameshwaram, let me share with you
I was at this conference, and I caught sight of Prof. Carl Pray, internationally renowned for his work on agriculture
St. Nicholas Preparatory School, Tema, Ghana 11/05/2018 Dear Prof. Ramani, Today I had the chance to spend one more amazing
May, 2017 “I have an assignment for you!” Prof. Shyama V. Ramani of UNU-MERIT said. “You are going to visit
December 2016 THE FACE OF THE CITY THAT WE IGNORE – Visiting Delhi as a tourist is all about relishing