FIN Team

FIN has two divisions – The Rural Living Lab (in Kameswaram village, Tamil Nadu) and The Center for Circular Economy (an online community).

The core members of each unit are presented here.

FIN Rural Lab (Left to Right) :Top-row:  Ms. Nagalakshmi (Child Development in charge), Ms. Amutha (Adult Education, Village Relations and Events in charge), Ms. Raji Srikant (Administrator), Prof. Shyama V. Ramani (Founder-Director), Mr. Paranjothi (Field Manager), Mr. Murugesan (Mason) and his Assistant, Ms. Meena (Ecological Solutions in charge), Ms. Ranjita (Programme Assistant across projects). Bottom-row: Mr. Shanmugarajan (Rural Lab Coach), Mr. Abhishek (Rural Lab Digital Support in charge), Dr. Raja Venkataramani (Senior Advisor).

Email for Field Office:; Telephone number for field office: +91 84384 67624

Director: Prof. Shyama V. Ramani (

Junior Manager: Mr. Abhishek Pathak (

Social Media Manager: Ms. Akshita Kapoor (

Senior Advisors: Dr. Raja Venkataramani (

FIN Subject Mentors : Dr. Anurag Kanaujia (also Senior Advisor) (  [Research Methdology]

Mr. Shanmugarajan (also Chennai Representative) ( [Scientific Communication]

Ms. Maria Tomai ( [Sustainability Transitions]

Dr. Raja Venkataramani [Policy]

Shyama V. Ramani [Solution Designs]

Administrator: Ms. Raji Srikant (