While India’s economic growth is soaring at 6-7% of GDP per annum, being among the highest globally, in terms of the Human Development Index, its rank is very low at 131. And in terms of the happiness index, India’s rank is 138 among the 188 countries of the world, indicating its placement among the bottom 50 countries of the world. Further, it is widely acknowledged that the bad quality of air in cities, the lack of universal access to safe potable water and the mounting litter throughout India pose a grave risk to its sustainable development. Indeed, unless these essential needs for clean air, clean and adequate water, clean and hygienic surroundings are addressed, the safety, well being and the quality of lives of future generations are at great risk. This is why a principal activity of FIN Trust is to teach and train Indian youth to become change makers for sustainable development and address these challenges in their personal and professional lives.

FIN’s education mission is achieved in diverse ways –       1) Through  internships for students, 2) Workshops in Schools and Communities; 3) Events both national and international; 4) lectures in universities and 5) the social media.