Our outreach activities are targetted to motivate behavioural change towards a greener and cleaner world through action and education. All of them, whether implemented in the rural living lab at Kameswaram village or in our virtual lab – the Centre for Circular Economy – have a WASHE focus. In other words, they attempt to address problems related to Water, Waste Management, Sanitation, Hygiene behaviour and/or community Engagement. They have taken diverse forms such as the following.

  • Workshops in schools and universities (video example)
  • Lectures in universities, conferences and webinars (video example)
  • Workshops in the village office for waste2value creation (Facebook Post)
  • Community actions – Trash walks, Beautification of public spaces (video example)
  • Community actions – Women’s empowerment (video example)
  • Events on World Toilet Day, World Water, World Environment Day and International Women’s Day – (CCE Event Videos)
  • Aid and education to address disasters – e.g. Gaja cyclone (2018), COVID-19 pandemic (2019 – ongoing) (Consolidated COVID-19 Response Report )