Rural Lab Events

FIN’s rural research laboratory is located in the village Kameswaram, Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. The on-site internship students visit this tranquil village location. The activities here are coordinated with the help of an on-ground team of local FIN members. These include community interventions, public workshops, school workshops, trash cleaning beach walks, and testing of low cost innovations. Here is a set of interventions and activities from our Kameswaram rural laboratory.

FIN's Community interventions are a method to bring about behavioural changes in a population by identifying and grooming change makers
Our outreach activities are targeted to motivate behavioural change towards a greener and cleaner India through action and education. 1.School
– Prior to lock-down – March 1-14: During the first half of March, while the staff was informed of the
FIN reaches a milestone in making academic institutions the motor of Green India! FIN celebrates Children's Day in Kameswaram in