Rural Lab Events

FIN’s rural research laboratory is located in the village Kameswaram, Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. The on-site internship students visit this tranquil village location. The activities here are coordinated with the help of an on-ground team of local FIN members. These include community interventions, public workshops, school workshops, trash cleaning beach walks, and testing of low cost innovations. Here is a set of interventions and activities from our Kameswaram rural laboratory. Here on this page are selected examples. The full details for 2021 events in the rural lab can be found in our compilation of Facebook posts of the year (click to view).

We do not post everything on our website by choice, because we want to minimize our carbon imprint via social media – after all – all this information is being stored on millions of computers, which are contributing to global warming.

The International Women’s Day debate on early marriage versus pursuing higher education was a success, as mentioned in our previous
  Eighteen children who are learning to type on the computer were invited to the World Toilet Day workshop on
In South India, millions celebrated ‘Saraswathi Puja’ or ‘Ayudha Puja’ i.e. day of prayer for the ‘instruments of livelihood’ on
On October 1, 2023, at 9 AM our team in Kameswaram was out on the beach. They had phoned all
On October 2nd, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and the Swachh Bharat or Clean India day, we had initiated our “Bus stop
How long will we continue to pollute our lakes, rivers and oceans, and beaches to honor our beloved departed ones?
Children are the change-makers of the future and schools are mainly where their capabilities, visions, and values are built. FIN
In many parts of the world women are making progress in all walks of life. This is definitely something to
After all …where there is a will there will be a way! Our discussions were heated from the beginning of