Our Work, Our Organisation and Our Beliefs

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Our Work: At FIN we strive to develop solutions for problems related to sanitation, water, waste management and hygiene behaviour that are environmentally friendly and socially just.

Our Organisation: To do this, FIN Trust is set up as a teaching, training and action research laboratory with two divisions. The Centre for Circular Economy is a virtual lab of academics, professionals and students passionate about contributing to a cleaner and greener India and world through teaching, training and research. The centre works closely with a rural living lab in Kameswaram village in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu state, which experiments with grassroots innovation generation and diffusion, livelihood creation and community level initiatives for hygiene behaviour.

Our Beliefs: The core beliefs of FIN movement are:
– Effective promotion of social welfare can be achieved by simple actions/solutions which take into account  complexity of the problems.
– It is more important to do the right thing over the long run rather than to achieve results in the short run at the cost of long term success.

Through this website we share our story and invite you to join this movement.