Education for Sustainability

At FIN, over the years, we have noted that though students have theoretical knowledge, they are not able to apply it to solve real problems. Moreover, they often lack effective communication skills, analytical thinking, professional courtesy and ability to give constructive feedback.

To contribute to closing such skills gaps crucial to have a vibrant economy with inclusive development, we have designed a unique training programme that creates multiple values for multiple stakeholders – namely universities, students and the community. It is called “Education for Employability and Sustainability” and is taught via academic institutions. It is an active learning course applying problem based and project based pedagogical approaches  wherein students work in groups to construct their knowledge.

Professionals associated with FIN teach the course donating their time and expertise for free. All compensation given to FIN goes towards supporting the inclusive development efforts of the FIN rural lab.

The course requires students to work 6-8 hours per week on their own or in teams. All teaching is done online via zoom. For more details write to us at

We are proud and honored to be partnering with NITPY, the National Institute of Technology Puducherry, on this education innovation.