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Donors in India – Get 50% Tax Deduction if they pay by Demand Draft or Cheque

Donations made to Friend In Need India Trust qualify for 50% tax deduction under clause 80(G) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Please send a D.D. or Cheque : Friend in Need India Trust, C/o Mrs. Srikant, A 204, Somerset Apts., 18, M. G. Road, Bangalore 560 001, Karnataka

To receive a receipt for income tax deduction please add the following information or send an email to
Address + city with postal code (zip code)
Phone/mobile and/or email
Amount Donated

50% Deduction allowed to all types of tax payers  within India – This deduction can be claimed by any tax payer -individuals, company or firm or any other person. However, this deduction can only be claimed when the contribution has been made via cheque or draft.

Donation From Outside India –

Go to our sister organisation Association Un Ami in Reims, France.

You can pay either through Paypal or through a cheque. Please send your cheque to: «Association Un-Ami» 128 Rue Gambetta, 51100 Reims. With a cheque, donors in France can get a Reçu dons aux œuvres under (Articles 200 et 238 bis du Code général des impôts) for tax exemptions. 

Anyone making a donation can get a receipt upon request