CCESeers | Education and SDGs

CCESeers podcasts is a series by the Centre for Circular Economy – Friend In Need India Trust. Managed and organised by interns to discuss topics such as Sustainability Education, Action Research, Nudging for Behaviour Change, Technologies and Experience Sharing in Sanitation and Waste Management Initiatives.


Episode 1: An interview with Dorina Crivat, Jairaj Gopalakrishnan and Cristina García Santos

In this opening episode of this podcast, Dorina Crivat, Jairaj Gopalakrishnan and Cristina García Santos talk about their experience during the internship with Friend In Need India Trust. They speak about their participation in managing and coordinating international online events, learning new skills in the “P2 – Multiple Value Creation” program with firms working on waste management and sanitation challenges in India, conducting research on SDGs with Prof. Shyama Ramani and getting involved in knowledge and resource development through SITETalks, and even getting their work published during the period. To learn more, we invite you to watch this video podcast.

In this first video, our interns talk about the start of their internship at Friends In Need India Trust and the skills they have gained throughout the programme.

In the second part, the three interns discuss the lessons learnt during the internship.

In the last video, they conclude on the experiences and the new opportunities that came their way thanks to the internship.