We believe that transition to a Circular Economy is the necessary next step for our society: a world where we produce and consume for sustenance, reuse and recyclability rather than for single use that results in excessive waste generation. [6-minute video on circular economy in India in 2020 by FIN founder Prof. Shyama V. Ramani]

With respect to Circular Economy Transitions, FIN has a WASHE focus: WA: Water and Waste management; S: Sanitation; H: Hygiene Behaviour and E: community Engagement

FIN is contributing towards this transition through:

  • Consequential Research
  • Out of the classrooms programs in sustainability education to complement existing school and university curriculum
  • Collaboration with social sector actors and policy makers.
  • Bridging actor-silos through our knowledge sharing events – our multi-stakeholder forums

FIN’s Center for Circular Economy is an online community of academics and practitioners working together to explore pathways for sectoral systems and communities to move closer to a circular minimum-waste economy.

.  To this end, CCE has the following mission objectives:

  • Train youth to become sustainability champions or changemakers in their communities to create relevant knowledge for diverse stakeholders
  • Provide knowledge partnership to practitioners
  • Generate evidence-based knowledge through action-research

FIN’s motivation: We are of the view that the sustainability of our world is threatened as we cross planetary boundaries – so we need to act now.

Find out more about FIN: Introduction to Friend In Need India Trust