What is the Role of Desalination in ensuring Water Source Security?

The World Water Day Event had three sessions each focusing on a different aspect of the topic of Water Source Security and the role of desalination in ensuring it. In the first session the speakers focus on setting the stage by defining the context and available information about the topic.

In his presentation, Dr. Raja Venkataramani defined the concept of water source security and covered the key issues and challenges in the topic. You can find the video below:

Mr. Jairaj Gopalakrishnan presented the findings from his case study of five countries (including India) in context of using desalination to address water source security. You can find the video below:

In her presentation, Dr. Meenakshi Arora shares a perspective on the traditional urban water management systems and the challenges associated with linear water management. She highlights the experience of Melbourne city during the great drought and the efforts in setting up a desalination plant.

In the second session the speakers from different countries working on desalination projects share their experiences and learnings.

Mr. Sid Vollebregt shared the experience of his organisation, Elemental Water Makers (EWM) which has developed efficient, easy-to-use, solar-powered desalination technology to overcome water scarcity.

Mr. A. Vijayaraman & Ms. J. Rajam, two engineers from Powertec Engineering , shared the experience of the firm from the 100 MLD Desalination Plant using Reverse Osmosis Technology. They also shared the methods implemented to reduce the energy consumption and the Operation and maintenance strategies for the plant.

Mr. Jean-Pierre Burger through his company offers green solutions and high-quality products for treatment of saline & brackish water to companies, organizations and communities. His company specialises in small scale desalination solutions and have been involved in talks with various government agencies for providing these small scale desalination services to communities. He shares the insights from his experience in small scale desalination.

In the third and last session the speakers focus on the policy and governance for the Desalination facilities.

Prof. Hiroshan Hettiarachchi presents an interesting comparison between three different regions of the world to explore the optimal position of desalination and the factors that can play important role in its adoption as a method to address water source security.

Dr. Jauad El Kharraz shares his perspective on the issue of water supply and demand, and how desalination features in the overall picture for the MENA region. He talks about the different technologies for improving the efficiency of desalination plants and the costs and benefits associated with them.