At FIN, over the years, we have noted that though students have theoretical knowledge, they are not able to apply it to solve real problems. Moreover, they often lack effective communication skills, analytical thinking, professional courtesy and ability to give constructive feedback. To contribute to closing such skills gaps we have designed a Sustainability Project Stewardship Programme that creates multiple values for multiple stakeholders – namely companies, students and the community. Partnering with a company that is engaged in WASHE projects (WAste management, WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene behaviour and commuity Engagement), we train students to apply their skills to address a real societal problem being tackled by the company. Sustainability Education is thus imparted and develops student capabilities to understand and address complex challenges.  If your organisation is interested in sponsoring a Sustainability Project Stewardship Programme please write to Check out our project with Fusion Waste Management Consultancy here.

We are creating multiple social values working with companies contributing to sustainable development. We invite you to get to know them and discover our projects also through this website!