FIN World Water Day Webiz – March 22, 2023
Time 12.30 Hrs CET and 5.00 PM IST
Urban Sustainability: How can Cities Tackle Floods?
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Why is this issue important  –

Floods inflict high socio-economic costs on communities and individuals. In the past two decades, floods have affected over 2 billion people worldwide (WHO). Floods cause accidents, deaths, and damage to property, and private and public spaces. There is extensive ongoing work by scholars, practitioners, and policymakers on how increased flooding risks can be handled. Under this context, the purpose of this conference is to facilitate a conversation between planners, scholars, and citizens to better understand the changes we need to bring about as a function of city-specificities and the means to do the same.

The webinar aims to throw light on questions such as: Which cities are most vulnerable today? Why? What is happening in such metropoles? How are threats perceived and measured? How is resilience measured? What is the role of scientific capabilities, technology access, community engagement, and policy in developing resilience? How are resource-constrained emerging countries like India and Bangladesh coping vis-à-vis high-income regions like Europe? How do planners integrate the Sendai framework of SDG 11 vis-a-vis natural calamities in national policies and programmes? How can citizens and academics contribute to increasing the flood resilience capabilities of cities?

We will have practitioners from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, and India – for knowledge and experience sharing. Students will also organize a quiz where questions will be posed to the audience from time to time for greater learning.