FIN Call: Cast Your Vote – Every Vote Matters!

Tamil Nadu goes to polls tomorrow as a part of the second phase of the Indian general elections 2019. FIN kindly requests all the voters to cast their vote to ensure that we pick the right people to govern us for the next five years.

Some people wonder if their single vote really counts and refrain from voting. In the previous parliamentary elections, about one-third of the population did not exercise their right to vote. The citizens who think that their ‘one vote’ doesn’t really matter are the ones to be blamed for this situation. What if all these people had voted their choices? It could have been a game changer. If you don’t vote, others are making a choice for you.

Choosing the right candidate is as important as casting your vote. Please spend some time to analyze the candidates and their vision before finalizing on whom to vote for. Remember, this candidate is going to be working with you for the next five years. If the best candidate gets elected in every constituency then we automatically get a great government.

Voters! This is your day! This is your right! Use it wisely.

Featured Image: Mrs. Nagalaksmi and Ms. Meena of FIN Kameswaram after casting their vote. A banner of 2019 election from wiki.