FIN celebrates World Toilet Day in Ramgarh, Jharkhand!

Jamshedpur in Jharkhand is the first well-planned industrial city in India. It was founded by Jamshed-Ji Tata in 1907. Jharkhand emerged as an industrial city because it is rich in mineral resources such as coal (27.3% of India’s reserves), iron ore (26% of India’s reserves), copper ore (18.5% of India’s reserves), uranium, mica, bauxite, granite, limestone, silver, graphite, magnetite, and dolomite. Jharkhand is also famous for its mountains, rivers, waterfalls, heritage, and never-ending greenery. The population of Jharkhand is 3.19 crores or 39 million. But, one more fact is that Jharkhand is the 8th most polluted state in India, because of human behavior, industries, and poor waste management practices.
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FIN staff is trying to reach across the globe through its Interns and Volunteers to change this reality. Thus, on 14th Nov 2022 our Juniors Manager, Abhishek Pathak from Ramgarh Jharkhand organized the FIN Sanitation quiz in his coaching center, Leaders Institute, where class 1 to 12 class students learn with the aim of acquiring many life skills along with course study.
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Abhishek invited the youngest group of 16 children and 3 teachers to the FIN World Toilet Day quiz event. Initially, the children were confused and felt awkward at the start of the quiz. They thought, “Why is Abhishek Sir using words like “Toilet” and “latrine” in the class?”. But, as Abhishek explained and the quiz went on, the students started getting involved in the discussion and were amazed by the data presented. Later, they agreed upon all the facts. They also learned about sanitation, waste management, hygiene behavior, and much more – in a fun way that is sure to have an impact!