FIN’s unique international education campaign for World Toilet Day!

Presently there are still about 1 billion people around the world who are forced to practice open defecation because of lack of access to a functioning toilet. And, there are many more millions who prefer not to use a toilet even when they have one.  The behaviour of the latter group can only be changed when they are persuaded to use toilets. Changing personal preferences requires raising awareness about the risks associated with open defecation and the benefits of using well designed toilets. Therefore, to promote household investment in sanitation and trigger behavioural change towards toilet usage, FIN trust has  created  an education package in the form of fun educational material for a 60-75 minutes interactive workshop.

A family in front of their EcoSan Toilet in Kameswaram

The objective of our initiative is to educate and emote the world to leave “NO ONE BEHIND” in terms of access to sanitation. So  FIN CALLED OUT TO THE WORLD TO USE AND IMPLEMENT THE QUIZ AND DISCUSSION MATERIAL  to celebrate World Toilet Day. Amazingly, many social entrepreneurs and institutions  responded to FIN’s call to participate in the event.

In a four stage procedure, FIN is coordinating the teams from Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan and India. You can follow these activities on FIN’s Facebook Page, Twitter (@FINIndia) and Youtube channel.