FIN’s – “All things Digital” internship is going on well !!

We are delighted to work with 5 students from UPES or The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies at Dehradun. They are all highly motivated and it is a pleasure to interact with them! We are also thrilled to have Parag Samant, former FIN intern amongst us again!
We are living in the era of digital transformation and it is important for all to understand its implications for self-improvement as well as societal welfare. But, as it is impossible to cover all dimensions in a summer internship – we are focussing on selected issues related to policy, skilling and knowledge sharing – which are targeted to strengthen their cognitive skills, socio-emotional attitudes and capabilities for taking positive action. This is FIN’s little contribution to the attainment of the 11th Sustainable Development Goal for Sustainable Cities and Communities.
After all it is little drops of water that make an ocean……..