Internships and Training

FIN internships provide a unique opportunity to embark on a self-exploration journey. Interns are given many options to discover their interests, strengths and abilities, to help them better understand what they want to do in life and why.  That said, since we are a small charity, we do not have the means to pay our interns. However, we will do our best to improve their employability skills. This is the commitment we make to each and every intern who works sincerely with us. Interns who opt to come to the village will be provided boarding and lodging during their period of stay.

For students interested in academic research, and with the necessary research capabilities, we also offer the option of a Dissertation Track. Students opting for this will get an opportunity to write a research dissertation on a policy topic of relevance to the global development agenda.

So we encourage academic institutions who want their students to develop sustainability competences to get in touch with us. We offer a variety of online, offline and mixed internships. We are presently collaborating with academic institutions in India, The Netherlands and Ireland. Email us at


September, 2021 Let's find out with FIN Interns FIN has started a series of theme based internships, which impact sustainability.