The gift of Sofiann

The gift of Sofiann

May 2018

Sofiann – A Friend of FIN with style!

What does ‘style’ mean for you? For me, it means a lot of things about a person, some indescribable, which collectively make him or her unforgettable!

Sofiann is that kind of a person for me – with his generosity, calm, willingness to teach and learn, intelligence and culture – enchanting with his flute, accordion and communication skills! He is a knowledge seeker, now on a tour of the world. Thank God, he came to Kameshwaram. He was essential to guiding our very first batch of interns staying fully in the village in the interns guest house. I learnt a lot from him (Thanks Sofiann).

I had requested him – after seeing his wonderful travelogues on his website: “Sofiann – can you make me one about Kameshwaram too? Please?”. And of course, he said “yes”!

Last week – I got this email from him from Japan where he is now…

Bonjour !

How are you Shyama ? I finally finished my kameswaram story. I hope you will enjoy it. I also put it as an hommage to Naga Lakshmi madam and Paranjothi sir. So what do you think about it ?

You can listen and scroll down to see the pictures!

Best regards, سفيان – 素風安 – Sofiann – 宋飞杨