Meet our intern, Parag from Mumbai. He introduces himself in this post!

Hello! This is Parag Samant. I was born and brought up in Borivali, Mumbai. I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from Shree L R Tiwari College of Engineering. Till the 10th standard, I studied in a Marathi-medium vernacular school. After getting a distinction, I decided to choose the science stream for my Higher Secondary schooling. Tuitions were something I really wasn’t fond of. I studied by myself and finished my schooling with first class in my Higher Secondary examinations. I enjoy painting and sketching and I am an excellent cook too. I really love monsoon treks and I look forward to those. Music is a major part of my life. My morning doesn’t actually start without a strong cup of tea and music. I also like visiting technical events and actively take part in clean-up drives.

This is my first experience as an intern. After completing my second year in college, we are mandated to complete an internship. While searching for an opportunity online, I stumbled upon Friend In Need’s internship program. After going through the description I applied for the internship. I chose FIN because I could really connect with the motive and perspective of the organization. I believe that sanitation and environment issues are really a concern for our country right now.

Hygiene and sanitation are those bed bugs that we initially ignore, but their effects make us regret later. I am from Mumbai, the city of dreams which ironically never sleeps. People living in cities other the Mumbai think that it is the city with big towers, apartments, pubs & nightclubs, a city full of rich people. But it is just the cover of the book. Isn’t the world’s 3rd largest slum Dharavi in Mumbai? People from every part of India migrate to Mumbai in search of a job or for studies. And everyone cannot afford a flat in an apartment on rent. I have seen people surviving in this city in the small rooms. Will a person who has barely space to fit in his body in a room have a washroom? Of course not. And that is the biggest problem in Mumbai. Unhygienic restrooms, dirty public toilets, open drains, overflowing and choked gutters. And one of the biggest reasons behind it is the lack of awareness about the effects of these amongst the people. It even hurts my heart when I come across online bullies who always demean India when we are one of the most beautiful countries with a good climate and beautiful sceneries and diversity. But just because of the ignorance we are miles away from progress. I strongly believe that this internship can give me the ability to bring a small change in the society.


This off-site Internship is the nicest place to work for with the best team and mentors. I am happy that I chose FIN for my first Internship. Meeting new people around India with the same mindset and interests is a pleasure. I really hope that my contribution will be useful for the organization.

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