FIN COVID-19 Community Education Campaign

FIN COVID-19 Community Education Campaign

FIN COVID-19 Community Education Campaign

Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been a global phenomenon affecting human lives in all the countries. Social distancing measures, International and Domestic Travel Restrictions, Nationwide lockdowns are being employed by governments. The rapid spread of the virus has led to overburdened healthcare services and led to a war like situation in the world.     

In absence of an effective treatment (without a specific Drug or Vaccine), the best way of controlling the spread of virus in the world as suggested by healthcare agencies* is to prevent ourselves from getting infected. 

The available instructions about social distancing and quarantine are widely available, however, most of these are difficult to understand and follow for the people in small towns, villages and by those who are poor. This is largely due to:

1.Use of Technical Language and,

2.Use of figures prepared in context to western culture

FIN team developed a simple instruction manual for prevention from coronavirus infection in the rural and poor households. With the help of a few volunteers the manual has been translated into 15 languages from it’s original English version. All these are available on FIN’s Facebook page and on FIN’s website for use by anyone free of cost.

The poster below presents the information about the campaign and the volunteers. Read the report about the programme here. A short article about the relevance of campaign was also written by the founder director of FIN Trust.

The activities of FIN in response to COVID-19 outbreak were listed by Source2Gather of the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation. The book Cambridge Global Perspectives for Primary – Boost Subscription also used the following COVID-19 response poster.



*like World Health Organisation, the Central Drug Council of US and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)