FIN congratulates the new Panchayat leaders

FIN congratulates the new Panchayat leaders


FIN congratulates the new Panchayat leaders of Viyndamavadi and P.R. Puram

Nagalaxmi madam and Meena madam are from the nearby village of Viyundamavadi and hence naturally we want to contribute to their development also. At present we do not know how to do it, but we want to do something! So to start, we went to wish Mr. N. Mahalingam the elected Panchayat Head. On the day of the visit, he was not there and so we gave our bag to his son.



Then we went to P.R. Puram where we had cleaned and beautified a bus stop.… There we met Mr. R.V.S. Sivarasu the elected Panchayat Head. He is very keen to cooperate with FIN Trust on more bus-stops and in the general development of P.R. Puram. Naturally, we are most eager to help him and contribute to making PR Puram cleaner and greener!

We would like to thank both Panchayat Heads for their trust in FIN and we look forward to doing good work together.


FIN congratulates the new Panchayat President of Kameswaram: Jaysudha madam

Today, Jaysudha Madam is President of Kameswaram Village Panchayat ! Congratulations Jaysudha madam – we hope to make Kameswaram open defecation free with safe sanitation in the years to come! Nagalaxmi madam, Amutha madam and Meena madam of FIN presented Jaysudha Madam with our cotton shopping bag (say No to plastics!).

How is a Panchayat President elected? A Panchayat area is divided into wards and residents of every ward elect councilors for their ward. These councilors in turn choose a President among themselves.