SITE4Society is an initiative by Prof. Shyama Ramani  who has been directly inspired by her practitioner work in Friend In Need Trust.

The mission of SITE4Society is to mobilize academics and students to contribute to making the world a better place via research, action-research, workshops, training programmes and publication briefs.

The focus is on the SITE variables i.e. science, innovation, infrastructure, technology and engagement (via entrepreneurship and/or governance) that can serve the National Missions of countries and attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is presently active in the United Nations University UNU-MERIT , at Maastricht, The Netherlands.

It is also active in the Centre for Circular Economy of FIN where the “SITE” framework based on representations and actions related to science or knowledge, innovation, technology and diverse forms of engagement is used to study sustainability transitions in developing countries for policy guidance. The centre collaborates with SITE4Society@UNU-MERIT.