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Community intervention for behavioural change

Community intervention for behavioural change

FIN’s Community interventions are a method to bring about behavioural changes in a population by identifying and grooming change makers in an area. This is done through education workshops, group meetings and involving community members in activities such as reviving public spaces. Here are a few interventions.  

Education about corona at schools

– Prior to lock-down – March 1-14: During the first half of March, while the staff was informed of the coronavirus situation in Europe by the founder, life continued as usual in Kameswaram. The basic rules of hygiene behaviour for protecting against coronavirus were discussed with our staff. All understood…

FIN celebrates Children’s Day in a unique way!

FIN reaches a milestone in making academic institutions the motor of Green India! FIN celebrates Children’s Day in Kameswaram in a unique way! November 14th the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and advocate of Children’s rights – is celebrated across India as Children’s…