About Us


The mission of FIN India is to work towards provision of water, sanitation and waste management in India’s villages and slums, and in the process induce hygiene behaviour with civic pride.


Organizational culture: We have a ‘social’ mission like a public sector organisation – because; and at the same time we function as a consultancy – because we understand that ‘time is money’ and respect deadlines.

Research culture: As an academic lab, we go for ‘rigour’, ‘comprehensive analysis’ and ‘truth-telling’, while as an activist group, we are ‘change makers’ and not just ‘talkers’ or ‘writers’.

Solution design: We believe that actions/solutions must be simple while taking into account complexity. They must be environmentally friendly and socially just to effectively promote social welfare.

Our source of credibility: We are a small group and we intend to stay that way to ensure flexibility, speed, transparency and accountability.

Our instruments for impact: Our beneficiaries will be the motors of impact. As a knowledge service unit, we will design solutions for our beneficiaries and monitor their effectiveness after they are implemented by our beneficiaries for fine-tuning.